Web Development

I am a full-stack web developer, specializing in PHP-based application development. Several years ago, I found my interest in software development while still in high school. My curiosity flourished from learning and understanding how information could be presented dynamically in simple cases, such as articles, blogs and user profiles.

My very first attempt, in creating web applications, would be a slew of PHP based web services hosted on a local intranet. Before the dawn of object-oriented PHP, I went on a quest to seek best practices and tried various coding styles until I was comfortable in my approach to solving problems.

My first public website was hosted at xhilo.com, and represented a Counter-Strike: Source clan that I cofounded along with two other players. The website hosted a simple login system, forum and bulletin board, which I developed and hosted on my own. I was fascinated with security, so I focused heavily on building a hash-based session/cookie login system that relied on IP address consistency and various checkpoints in hash validation. Being 17 years old, the costs of game/web server hosting became overwhelming and the clan was eventually shut down. To this day, I still deeply regret letting the xhilo.com domain registration lapse.

Eventually, I would host yet another gaming clan, but for Team Fortress 2 - this time for cleverly named “Holy Smokes!” Like the last go around, I also created the clan website for this group. It was generally similar, but in this round, I was more seasoned with API backends and using jQuery to asynchronously draw the pages and handle requests. The clan eventually evaporated due to faded administration and interest in general. I learned my lesson from the previous clan and, to this day, hang on to the domain name. Although, the website itself has been absent for several years since the closure.

Fast forwarding a bit, I eventually began my career with Super Lawyers (a Thomson Reuters/FindLaw business) as a web application developer. My primary roles were scattered along a wide spectrum of in-house/backend operations to public website development. Nonetheless, it was great exposure to various workflows that powered the Super Lawyers business.

Nowadays, I work in the medical industry, developing on an eprescribing application to improve patient care at the clinic, hospital and the pharmacy. Eprescribing has evolved to become more advanced, and much more widely used throughout the industry. MedsTracker® is a PHP based platform, which provides various reconciliation and pharmacy workflows for prescribers, administrators, provider agents, and more. While this web-based application is mostly hosted in the cloud, it is not public facing in any way. The application is hosted on a per-client basis and configured optimally for their environments to be accessible from within their facilities.