Big data is a powerful beast! And if you have the appropriate access, it can be very useful. I had the privilege of gaining access to Informatica’s API, under the umbrella of our parent company that I was at formerly.

The business needs required that we fill holes in missing firm data that Google was unable to disambiguate. For every firm address we stored in our database, a nightly service was run to associate that address with geo-coordinates to we could easily implement map locations for on user profiles via Google’s API. In some cases, however, addresses in our database were misspelled or may have even been too new to be acknowledged by Google.

These ambiguously unprocessed addresses were queued up for Informatica to process later on. Indeed, Informatica was able to reliably associate nearly all of these addresses to a geological map location and allow for address normalization. The items that were still left unprocessed after that were clearly addresses that were plagued with typos, or represented some other mischievous data error.