Josh's Portfolio


Software Development

  • Web Development: PHP7, Javascript/JQuery, AngularJS, CSS3, Python, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
  • SEO and SMO Development: markup integration, Open Graph SMO, asset optimization
  • Reporting: Google Analytics, Omniture, Google PageSpeed Insights, Html2Pdf, PhpExcel
  • Browser Security: XmlHTTPrequest cryptography, CA and digital certificates, SSL
  • Advertising: Google DoubleClick

Server Deployment and Management

  • Cloud Deployment: AWS (EC2, Route 53, Load Balancing, CloudSearch, S3, ECS/Fargate)
  • Virtualization: Vagrant, Docker, VMware, VirtualBox
  • Network: Load balancing, failover protocol, clustering, SiteScope monitoring, Bind9 zone management, OpenVPN
  • Caching and Indexing: Solr, ElasticSearch, AWS CloudSearch, Redis, Memcache
  • Apache HTTP Server: Full compilation, output compression, rotatelogs, auto-deploy scripts for vhosts, SSL certificate management
  • PHP5, PHP7: Full compilation, PHP5 -> PHP7 migration for legacy code
  • Operating Systems: Debian, Arch, Alpine, OpenSUSE, CentOS, Windows
  • Specialized Tools: Composer, Grunt, Node.js

Data (API, SQL, Document Oriented Storage, Filemaker)

  • MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, FileMaker, MongoDB
  • General Skills: Indexing, normalization, advanced database administration, security and monitoring, stored procedures/triggers, application storage, backup automation, enforcing referential integrity, replication, partitioning, specialized administration tools (PhpMyAdmin, PhpPgAdmin, Adminer, SQL Buddy)
  • Informatica (“Big” data): Bulk geocoding and address normalization for firm and legal data

Software Quality Assurance

  • Test coverage: Test planning, test cases, regression, acceptance, performance, and production
  • QA Execution: Concurrency and scalability analysis, test automation (Ranorex), grey-box testing, bug reports
  • Reporting: Acceptance criteria, user stories, progress reporting with metrics and graphing tools (TFS, PractiTest)