Josh's Portfolio


FDB MedsTracker (Hearst)

  • PHP Developer (PHP/Postgres) for MedsTracker®
    • Client integration development. Work with clients and their environments for troubleshooting, software updates and providing custom reports
    • Dockerizing our dev and test environments locally for development and in AWS Elastic Container Services for cross-collaboration. Build custom web containers to better mirror our deployment environments and improve performance.
    • Legacy code enhancements - PHP5 -> PHP7.1 migration, autoloading, feature branch automation
    • Two-factor authentication for EPCS identity proofing and ePrescribing - Imprivata, Exostar
    • Meducation® integration - a solution to assist patients with simplified and multilingual prescription instructions
    • Jira API automation

Super Lawyers (Thomson Reuters)

  • Web Application Developer (PHP7/MySQL)
    • Led and executed the development of relaunch (and family sites)
    • SEO enhancement development across all attorney profiles and the SuperLawyers directory
    • Online store, shopping cart and affiliate tracking using PHP, MySQL and Google Analytics to drive online sales
    • Developed a series of CMS platforms for marketing and product management using PHP/MySQL, CKEditor, and AWS S3 for asset management
    • Server and workstation administration. Routine system operations for our workstations and servers

Getty Images (formerly Corbis Entertainment)

  • QA Analyst Intern
    • Writing test coverage plans that cover unit, integration, system, regression and acceptance levels. For each development release, I write extensive test cases that meet each plan’s criteria and file bug reports accordingly. I use test automation tools, such as Ranorex, to design scripts that automate build acceptance tests
    • Data integration and API development. Increased data syncing performance and scalability, by converting sync process API to utilize FileMaker's XML publishing
    • Developed an approved business case. Proposed a project for our current roadmap that will automate data entry, and move our clients to a UI that is proven to be faster and more reliable

GlobalSign GMO Internet Group

  • Software Developer Intern
    • Designed a UI model that tested certificate trust over XMLHTTPrequests in an SSL state. The goal of this project was to test browser, OS, and device compatibility with competitor Certificate Authorities by gathering various browsers and recording whether or not they trusted samples of intermediate certificates.