Software Development

  • Full-stack Web and API Development: Strong Experience with PHP 5/7/8 development, enterprise site legacy code migration, XML/JSON RESTful API services, CSS, Javascript, Python, WordPress, Drupal
  • E-Commerce Business Platforms: Shopify Plus, Magento module/theme development
  • SEO and SMO Implementation: Schema.org markup integration, Open Graph SMO, programatic asset minification and compression, CDN delivery
  • Reporting and Analytics: Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Shopify Dashboard and Reporting, Omniture
  • Browser Security: XmlHTTPrequest cryptography, CA and digital certificates, SSL



  • Architecture Planning, QA Process Management: Work across teams to lead technical implementations and meet business needs, continuously work with developers to test, train and document new development.
  • Effective Project Planning and Scope Management: Transparent communication between peer department leaders, clients, vendors and other teams to implement a strategic agenda and begin project execution.
  • Highly Effective Analytical Decision Making: Continuously analyze critical changes and progress in project milestones.
  • Flexible Adaptability: Demonstrated ability to manage contingency planning through unforeseen team and project changes, maintain smooth transitions to meet new criterias, and report new requirements in a timely manner.
  • Efficient Cost Management: Analytical service billing reductions through optimizations and improvements.

Server Deployment and Management

  • Cloud Deployment and Virtualization: AWS (EC2, Route 53, Load Balancing, CloudSearch, S3, ECS/Fargate), Vagrant, Docker, VMware, VirtualBox
  • Network: Load balancing, failover protocol, clustering, SiteScope monitoring, Bind9 zone management, OpenVPN
  • Caching and Indexing: Solr, ElasticSearch, AWS CloudSearch, Redis, Memcache
  • Operating Systems: Debian, Arch, Alpine, OpenSUSE, CentOS, Windows, MacOS

Data (API, SQL, Document Oriented Storage, Filemaker)

  • MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, FileMaker, MongoDB
  • General Skills: Indexing, normalization, advanced database administration, security and monitoring, stored procedures/triggers, application storage, backup automation, enforcing referential integrity, replication, partitioning.
  • Informatica (“Big Data”): Bulk geocoding and address normalization for firm and legal data.

Software Quality Assurance

  • Test coverage: Test planning, test cases, regression, acceptance, performance, and production
  • QA Execution: Concurrency and scalability analysis, test automation (Ranorex), grey-box testing, bug reports
  • Reporting: Acceptance criteria, user stories, progress reporting with metrics and graphing tools (TFS, PractiTest)


PMI Worldwide March, 2021 - PRESENT

  • Web Operations Lead
    • Shopify Plus development, multi-store ownership and management for our international Stanley and Aladdin Brands (US, Europe, Asia, South America). I work with the business team, vendors, and professional services to build, customize and integrate private apps for Shopify.
    • Mobile-first UI and SEO development to improve our store traffic and increase sales volumes
    • Lead the technical migration and implementation of our high-volume US customer service platform (Oracle Service Cloud to Freshdesk)
    • Architect new infrastructure processes for storefront and application deployment changes
    • Manage User Access Control for all of our tools and platforms
    • Provide inventory management solutions for 3PL (third-party logistics) market sellers
    • Manage shipping zones, price tiers and other logistics


University of Washington December, 2018 - September, 2021

  • Senior Web Consultant    March, 2021 - September, 2021
    • Documentation and troubleshooting
    • Drupal and internal web application maintenance
    • Conduct interviews and provide hiring consultation
  • Senior Web Developer, Statistics, PhD Program    December, 2018 - March, 2021
    • Develop and maintain internal applications for the Statistics PhD program, consisting of a series of PHP/MySQL based applications which assist with reviewing applicants, student advising and student employee evaluations.
    • Integrate ORCID, a persistent digital identifier vendor, to allow students, faculty and researchers present their preprint publications and promote their research on the UW Statistics website. As of late 2020, I am proud to announce that our department is the first on campus to take this to production.
    • Lead the migration of production websites to Docker-based environments, where I host and maintain our department web applications.
    • Lead multiple website migrations, including moving our legacy web applications to Drupal 8 and 9. This process includes building custom modules for syncing data from various API services on campus.
    • Build development tools using Docker for our team to deploy web and database application environments locally and in deployed test environments.
    • Routinely coordinate with developers across campus to present and discover new development strategies, covering topics such as Drupal development, reporting tactics and deployment processes.

FDB MedsTracker (Hearst) October, 2016 - December, 2018

  • PHP Developer (PHP/Postgres) for MedsTracker®
    • Client implementation lead. Work directly with clients (hospital/ambulatory software vendors) and their environments for troubleshooting, software updates and providing custom reports.
    • Integrate SOAP and RESTful API services for single sign-on (SSO), patients, allergies, medications, and encounters between each vendor application and their embedded instance of MedsTracker®.
    • Implement Solr for efficient retrieval of insurance formulary information, enhanced search picklists, and accurate geolocation for pharmacies.
    • Dockerizing our dev and test environments locally for development and in AWS Elastic Container Services for cross-collaboration. Build custom web containers to better mirror our deployment environments and improve performance.
    • Legacy code enhancements - PHP5 -> PHP7.1 migration, autoloading, feature branch automation.
    • Two-factor authentication for EPCS identity proofing and ePrescribing - Imprivata, Exostar.
    • Meducation® integration - a solution to assist patients with simplified and multilingual prescription instructions.
    • Jira API automation for version control integration and deployment management.

Super Lawyers (Thomson Reuters) October, 2013 - October, 2016

  • Web Application Developer (PHP7/MySQL)
    • Led and executed the development of SuperLawyers.com relaunch (and family sites).
    • SEO strategy markup development and implementation across all attorney profiles and the SuperLawyers.com directory.
    • Online store, shopping cart and affiliate tracking using PHP, MySQL and Google Analytics to drive online sales.
    • Developed a series of CMS platforms for marketing and product management using PHP/MySQL, CKEditor, and AWS S3 for asset management.
    • Server and workstation administration. Routine system operations for our workstations and servers.

Corbis Entertainment June, 2013 - September, 2013

  • QA Analyst Intern
    • Writing test coverage plans that cover unit, integration, system, regression and acceptance levels. For each development release, I write extensive test cases that meet each plan's criteria and file bug reports accordingly. I use test automation tools, such as Ranorex, to design scripts that automate build acceptance tests.
    • Data integration and API development. Increased data syncing performance and scalability, by converting sync process API to utilize FileMaker's XML publishing.
    • Developed an approved business case. Proposed a project for our current roadmap that will automate data entry, and move our clients to a UI that is proven to be faster and more reliable.

GlobalSign GMO Internet Group July, 2012 - October, 2012

  • Software Developer Intern
    • Designed a UI model that tested certificate trust over XMLHTTPrequests in an SSL state. The goal of this project was to test browser, OS, and device compatibility with competitor Certificate Authorities by gathering various browsers and recording whether or not they trusted samples of intermediate certificates.

Projects and Related Experience

Gaseous Content Management System August, 2020 - PRESENT

Butter London, LLC April, 2018 April, 2019

  • Website Development Consultant
    • NetSuite Administration
    • SEO enhancements
    • Marketing integration with Bronto
    • eCommerce Migration (NetSuite -> Magento)
    • SuiteCommerce API development

University of California, Santa Cruz May, 2017 - May, 2018

  • Genomics Institute Volunteer
    • Built an internal web application to process database exports for staff reports and emails
    • Scholarship website development and maintenance (WordPress)

"Bolt 2 The Barn" Horseback Riding March, 2016

  • Website Developer (PHP7/MySQL)
    • Developed and designed an SEO enhanced, mobile-friendly (responsive) website

Holy Smokes! Clan December, 2010 - October, 2011

  • Community Owner/Programmer (PHP/MySQL)
    • Hosted a gaming community for Valve™ Orange Box games
    • Designed, built and hosted our PHP/MySQL website
    • Custom images/themes
    • PHP/MySQL stack on Debian
    • Map Level Designer
      • Created/hosted 3D maps for online multiplayer environment with Valve Hammer



  • Central Washington University
    • Bachelor's IT Administrative Management
    • Graduated: June, 2014
    • Concentration: Web/DB Management
    • Major Coursework:
      •     IT Security, Privacy, and Ethics
      •     Business Math Applications
      •     Systems Analysis
      •     Leadership and Supervision
      •     Financial Analysis
      •     Project Management
  • Bellevue College
    • AA Arts and Sciences
    • Graduated: June 2011
  • Skyline High School
    • Graduated: June 2008