Bolt2thebarn Site Released

Created by josh
March 22, 2016 9:22:26 AM PDT (Revised September 11, 2020 3:11:58 PM PDT )

Mobile friendly and responsive SEO enhanced site

A local friend of ours is a horseback riding trainer in Redmond, WA. As a favor to enhance her search-ability in the area (and a quick portfolio-add for me), I transformed her previous four page site into yet another four page site with a few new modern twists.

Check it out! (UPDATE - unfortunately, the owner of the business retired and the domain ownership has lapsed. For demonstration purposes, I may spin the site back up on a subdomain - but no plans for now)

It's mobile friendly (responsive), and ranks high with Google. I launched this about 2 weeks ago, where her site finally got on the search results radar (somewhere in the 20s or 30s rank... so on mobile, page 3 or 4 if you search "horseback riding in Redmond WA"). Over the past couple weeks, it's been climbing the ranks. I took a peek at Google Analytics, and the graph shows about 200+ unique views so far since launch with results ranked top 3... so that seems fairly decent for a small local site? 

The perks:

  • Javascript and other assets (images) are minified and loaded after the page is done loading
  • Meta and titles are very specific and filled with relevant key words.
  • For us modern-design geeks, I threw in the Open Sans font to finish off the clean look. BTW, whenever we get around to launching the new v2 site in April or May (responsive flat designed awesomeness that I endulge in taking a lot of dev credit for =D), you'll see why Open Sans is gaining popularity. I've been seeing it around on popular sites, even Zillow.
  • I developed a really clean and simple way of minifying HTML, so the output is all thrown onto a single line.
  • Oh yeah, did I mention it's¬†responsive. Very mobile friendly (though I've had some controversial¬†feedback around the smaller text being... well... too small)