About Josh

A little about me:

My name is Josh Rogers and I currently host a few projects online. I am a full-stack PHP/MySQL developer that specializes in SEO and user experience. As a leader in web development, with experience in both user interface and back-end development, I strive to be an expert in each tier of the web application stack. Databases, APIs, layout, responsive design, usability, performance - you name it.

I've worked closely with vendors, clients and leadership all over to plan and execute major projects. Taking iterative steps to accomplish goals, while focusing on the bigger picture, is how I get things done. I find strong communication and transparency amongst teams - and advisement by experts - are all important features of good project planning and execution.

My development style incorporates following standardized code-style guidelines and MVC software design patterns. I strongly believe building an effective web application includes supporting and migrating legacy code, while navigating marketing and technical requirements to build a better product. In this era of web development, building a fully functional web application requires a methodical consideration of best-practice UX standards, mobile responsiveness, robust SEO strategies, and back-end optimization.