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Responsive HTML Tables in CSS?

Responsive HTML tables in CSS? image

» Feb 06, 2017 10:22:42 PM PST

How do we display tabular data in a mobile-friendly format?
Nowadays, as more and more sites migrate to¬†mobile-friendlier user experiences, …

Migrating Your Website to SSL for Free

» Feb 02, 2017 7:03:17 PM PST

Use - stop paying for certificate authorities but also avoid those clunky free solutions....
About a month ago, I moved my site (and a …

Using Far-future and Cache Headers to Increase Your Website's Performance

» Nov 11, 2016 10:56:58 PM PST

Understand the importance of allowing clients to cache your site's resources - no matter what devices are being used
In today's modern world, users are browsing the web on …


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A little about me: ¬† My name is Josh Rogers and I currently host a few projects online. I am a full-stack PHP/MySQL developer that specializes in SEO and user experience. As a web developer, with experience in both user interface and back-end development, …

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A collection of past and current experience, projects, and education.

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